12 October 2009

pull the plug

These are extracts from a booklet i made for a project called 'Man, Woman, Machine'. In this booklet I encourage you to pull the plug on machines by suggesting machine free alternatives. I wanted people to enjoy real and organic experiences as I am concerned that our lives are sometimes confined by the isolating and unhealthy world of machines.

Shakespeare Posters

These are ideas for posters advertising the works of Shakespeare...

found things

one morning whilst wondering around my neighborhood, i found a little note on the pavement... i wanted to put it up here because it's one of the cutest things i've ever found!

11 October 2009

The Finches

I am a twin, we are gonna start up our own Design Studio together when we graduate!

再 见

My best friend Rielly has just left for her year abroad in China. i found this quote about friends which inspired my card.

cult of the squiggly 2

Here is some more work inspired by Pomme Chan.

cult of the squiggly

i've been looking at the work of Illustrator Pomme Chan, a graduate from LCC in fact! she is one of my favourite illustrators, i just love the fluidity of her line work. she is thoughtful and delicate with each line, so that they appear to move and grow.
i have created a typeface inspired by her work.

'tada dada'

I had a massive clear out of all my stuff just before I moved into my new house & came across some old artwork. This is a piece I did for a project inspired by the Dada movement. I jazzed it up with a frame & fancy wallpaper the other day.