30 April 2011

another designer in the family

Today I was helping my 9 year old cousin with his homework; he had to make a pamphlet about Andy Warhol - loving the freestyle grid system and typography!

29 April 2011

Dissertation Time

Still fresh in the memory of the dissertations just completed by my housemates, it is now time for me to start mine! I've decided to write about South-East Asian design, as it is a part of the world that is of great significance to me, although i know very little about it. 
I would like to write about Lao design in particular, as my family are from Laos, but there seems to be little information out there. So it looks like I might have to focus on the global giant that is China!

If anyone has any knowledge / books / website / exhibition / video recommendations related to south-east asian design then let me know!

28 April 2011

fight the LOL's and OMG's

I had another chance to work on a Johnny Kelly animation recently, unfortunately I was tied up on placement. So I put forward my friend Will Coutts for the job, who ended up suggesting a few lines ("fight the LOL's and OMG's) and hand modelling in this brilliant commercial for Bacardi.

Bacardi "Manifesto" from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.

22 April 2011

21 April 2011

A VEry special brochure

I have been asked to do another project for Visual Editions to promote their new book Composition No.1 by Marc Saporta. It's a book that can be read in any order, and will be the first ever book in a box! VE have set out to make a thought provoking book, making readers question what it is that makes a book a book?

Here's a sneak peek at the brochure I've designed for them - just finished printing, time to get binding!

20 April 2011

3 minutes, months or years

Last Summer I helped Visual Edition's, make their ground breaking book Tree of CodesMe and a few other LCC students worked together to make the prototype, cutting each page by hand with a scalpel! Although it was a lengthy task for us hand cutting the book, it was an even lengthier task for VE trying to find a print company that would say yes to producing the book, they were repeatedly told “the book you want to make just cannot be made."

But their postive determination found them a printers in Belgium who relished the challenge of making a book with a different die-cut on every page.

This stunning video shows how the book is made, it takes 3 whole months, but here it is in 3 minutes. (Probs would have taken 3 years if we were still making it by hand!) 

18 April 2011

Pencil Power

Last night was the first installment of Pencil Power, at The New Gallery, a drawing night set up by my friend Thomas Slater, to raise money for the disaster in Japan.

It was a really good night, just drawing for the fun of it! Tom's drawing tasks and the happy hour cocktails made the night for me! Make sure your there for the next one!

behind the paper scenes

This is a glimpse of the sort of magic I'm up to on my current placement with paper extraordinaire, Su Blackwell

16 April 2011


Been making postcards with my partner in crime Kyle Platts, you will find them for sale at the New Gallery Jumble today in Camberwell. 
The New Gallery Jumble happens one saturday a month, it is all about shopping with a free conscience, up-cylcling and recycling so we printed the illustrations on found paper. Head down to get your hands on one. It's open until 11pm tonight.

11 April 2011


Just had an interview with the Design Studio - Bunch, I will be starting a placement with them very soon! And I'm really looking forward to it!

10 April 2011

Happy Lao New Year

Today is Lao New Year, and being half Lao, I celebrated it with my family at a local Temple. It was a beautiful day and we captured it all on camera - me and my mum have put this little video together quickly! Nexus watch out - my editing skills are on top form today!

5 April 2011

Sore thumb

I've started a placement with the talented Su Blackwell, been hand cutting loads of paper trees - and my fingers are getting sore! But really enjoying it!

At last!

I'm finally allowed to show the Johnny Kelly animation that I helped with! It may look digitally rendered, but it is actually a stop frame animation. Every bit of grey was hand painted by yours truly! Enjoy!

Tip Ton from BarberOsgerby on Vimeo.

2 April 2011

Font Night

I went to Font Night at the Design Museum last night, was a really great night of typographic workshops, projections, live sign writing and talks by the brilliant Morag Myerscough, and Vincent Connare - the creator of Comic Sans, who was hilarious! Really enjoyed it! I'm now in love wit Morag Myerscough and her ridiculously oversized typography!