24 November 2009


For my Elective: Collaborative Projects in Graphic Design, I have to design a front cover for the book 'Freakonomics'. The book is about everything we and do and the subjects that bedevil us daily: from parenting to crime, sports to politics, health to education, fear to traffic jams. These are the exisiting British and American covers.

In Freakonomics, the author, Levitt turns conventional economics on it's head. He explores the riddles of everyday life and examine topics such as:

How chips are more likely to kill you than a terrorist attack, why sportsmen cheat and how fraud can be spotted, why violent crime can be linked to abortion, why a road is more efficient when everyone travels at 20mph, how the name you give your child can give them an advantage in later life, and what really causes obesity epidemics.

Asking provocative and profound questions about human motivation and contemporary living and reaching some astonishing conclusions, Freakonomics will make you see the familiar world through a completely original lense.

The concept for my book cover designs comes from the idea that this book looks deep into our lives, which is why i have tried to get a view of looking down into a residential scene. But i want to get a higher perspective then this, i plan on going up on my roof tonight to take higher more aerial type shots.
I'm playing with long exposures to capture light to echo how the author, Levitt brings light to new issues and debates. I also feel the illumination of these night time scenes adds to the 'freak' theme of the book and the weird phenomenons he speaks of.

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