15 May 2010

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We were set a project to produce our own 20 page newspaper inspired by a story in any of the main newspapers.
My newspaper is a response to the story of the betting shop - Paddy Powers that had 'sponsored' a church confession box. It lead me to question the intention of their sponsorship, the company had requested to have their name on the front of the confession box if they forked out the money - I saw this gesture as a blatant form of advertising.

My newspaper argues the right advertisers have to invade public space with their messages, while the public
is forbidden. We have messages flashed at us everywhere: buy this, watch this, drive this...
But if we want to say something in our public space, it isn't that easy. Put your art in the public space, paint a mural, tag a wall and we're breaking the law. Even though adverting is basically tagging, both want maximum distribution of their names.
Our laws say that we can be bombarded by corporate messages, we can have their words and images shoved in our faces, but if we want to express ourselves then apparently we are criminals

These spreads here are initial ideas, I want to make a more substantial publication then this 20 page mock. I'm going to develop these pages much further, include more hard core info, writing, interviews and case studies. But for some initial ideas I think I'm starting to get my point across, and am pretty pleased with how its looking.

Above is an idea for front/back cover.

The images are a mixture of my own photography, images sourced from books and the internet.

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  1. Really really like these Miss Finch...very nice. Hope you have had a lubly summer xx