3 May 2010

Penguin Design Awards

Things got serious a week ago, I entered my first Design Competition the Penguin Design Awards.

Students were invited to design a whole new cover look for the classic, Alice in Wonderland, reinventing it for a new generation of child readers and ensuring that it remains an integral part of childhood. This is my design...
I noticed that Alice in Wonderland covers usually subject Alice, these covers make you feel like you are observing someone else’s adventure but I wanted to make you feel as if this was your adventure
The story is all about Alice’s curiosity of this fantasy world, I thought about arousing curiosity by creating a still life of strange objects which could draw the viewer in, mirroring the way Alice is drawn to numerous strange objects throughout the story.
Lewis Carrol pours out word play so I literally played with the text for the front cover, making my still life pour it out.
I wanted to celebrate this brilliant British story, and what better way then with a tea-party, quintessentially English. So the tea-party still life functions in two ways - to celebrate Englishness, and to invite the viewer into the world of the book with a seemingly interactive set up of objects you feel you can reach out to.

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