6 December 2010


Last week I was the runner on the shoot of a Johnny Kelly stop frame animationl, produced by Nexus Productions. I can't say or show much of the shoot, but here's a few behind the scenes pics that I won't get in trouble for!

I helped the production designers to make little gadgets to aid some of the tricks in the animation.

I discovered this, the 'magnetron'! The coolest gadget ever - basically a magnetic broom!

The shoot took place at Clapham Road Studios, this is where most commercials are shot. There were loads of remnants from past shoots lying around the place.

I learnt lots of neat little tricks - like lifting floor boards to install motors to make things move like magic!

I also learnt of Dragon Stop Motion, for any animators out there - this software is the way forward!

I had a brilliant week, everyone was so warm and friendly, it was like working with one big family! We had breakfast, lunch and dinner together everyday, round a massive table, watching videos on youtube! I laughed loads and ate loads! They made me feel like a really valued member of the team! The director definitely offered me more cups of tea then I offered him! I definitely want to work with them again!


Production Company: Nexus Productions
Production Designers: We are the art department
Director: Johnny Kelly
Producer: Beccy McCray
Stop Frame Animator: Matthew Cooper
Animator Assistant: Kris Hofmann
Studio: Clapham Road Studios 

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