25 September 2011

To sum it all up

My aim for the year was to experience different fields of design, I have always been a open minded designer and wanted to strengthen my knowledge and abilities in other fields so that I could go back to uni even more ambitious.

I began the year interning with surface designer Daniel Heath, he opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of salvaged materials.

Then I interned with textile designer Laura Perryman, I was drawn to her work because she specialises in the innovation of new materials.

My third internship was with one of my favourite London fashion labels - Beyond the Valley, I have always loved their striking illustration style and wanted to learn how they came up with their designs.

My fourth internship was with Nexus. One of my most enjoyed second year projects was a stop frame animation, so I jumped at the chance to assist the stop frame master - Johnny Kelly.

My fifth internship was with my new favourite book publishers Visual Editions. I have caught they're uncontrollable desire to put a twist on everything.

I joined the Picture Book team at Walker Books for my sixth internship. It was really insightful to go from a really experimental publishers to a more traditional one.

I took part in the Barbican's "Do Something Different Weekend" with the Crafternoon Tea Club. I designed their poster and pamphlet.

My seventh internship was with the pop-up gallery Outline Editions. Met lots of interesting graphic artists and illustrators and learned how to run a pop-up shop.

My final internship was with the remarkable paper artist Su Blackwell. Her creations are painstaking and relentless but she never stops, a really inspirational artist.

As well as internships, I've freelanced throughout the year, designing posters and promotional material for several people and events. 

For more details of all these projects look back through my blog.

I gained so much from the DPS year, I've grown so much as a designer, I can't wait to put everything I've learned into my final year. See you all soon!


  1. Im so jealous of your amazing year lisa well done!! xx

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