10 December 2009

Call Signs

We have just completed our most intense uni project yet; 2 weeks to make a music video (on top of two 1800 word essays and a book cover project).

I had the pleasure of working with Karen Ma, Cong Sang, Olly Gibbs, Julian Camilo & Thomas Hayman. We chose to make our video for the band Breton, a London based band, and their song 'Call Signs'.

We didn't brainstorm a story, we just knew from the vibe of the song that we wanted to be play with light in the pitch black. We found the perfect location in Elephant & Castle...

It was touch and go filming in this burnt out house, firstly the six of us had to climb through a barbed wire fence, which was a bit challenging on a main road with police constantly going by. And secondly, once we were in, we realised junkies were living there; there was needles, fresh food and bedding all in the basement. No one was there when we got in but we didn't know when they would be 'home'.

Here's our music video, hope you like it!

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