4 December 2009

Freakonomics 2

This is the second set of designs for my Book Cover Project, I think I might have two outcomes as I think this idea is just as strong as the light graffiti concept.

These designs have a completely different concept, picking up on how Freakonomics examines why people do the things they do... so it has a gun to symbolise how it looks at the trigger for peoples actions, and it the gun is dismantled to symbolise how the book examines these trigger.

I wanted to incorporate the financial times into the design to highlight how the book examines economics.

I screen printed the gun design onto the newspaper first, but I didn't think it worked well as a design, so I then made a screen of a newspaper column and printed it as the background to my design. Also part of the symbolism of my design was to show how Freakomics was a reflection of one person's view of our world. So I decided to print my design onto mirror card.

This was my first time screen printing and i loved it! A big thank you has to go to the Chelsea textile design girls for letting me move into their studio for the last couple days to produce this!

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