5 October 2010

Daniel Heath

The second interview was with Daniel Heath, he describes himself as a designer-maker with a long held interest in craftmanship - which definitely shows in his work. A graduate of the RCA, he trained in the traditional process of silk-screen printing, and has since set up his studio to create bespoke, hand-printed fabrics & wallpapers - that are truly stunning.

Dan has a strong interest in reclaimed materials which adds something truly special to his work. The mural above, is made up of several wood panels taken from from the inside of old school desks, and then Dan has laser cut a beautiful design into it to bring it to life.

- My first job is to redesign his logo

I expressed to Dan that I felt the current logo didn't suit him, I want to come up with something that captures the playful and sophisticated intricacies of Dan's designs. This is the current logo, it is a nice design but it is a dull contrast to Dan's work.

There is so much life and movement in Dan's designs that I want to design something that has the potential to be animated, perhaps move when it appears on the screen - as soon as I learn how to do this.

I will think about how the logo will work on business cards, and as headers on letters and maybe how I could expand it through the website as an overall branding project.

So Dan gave me some images from his series of Victorian inspired wallpapers, and I got busy designing him a new logo. I haven't done any branding before, but the fact that he is new to this too made a lot less intimidating.

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