5 October 2010

Update - Walker Books

I've spent the summer working my butt off at Love Walk Cafe in Camberwell, attempting to earn half a years rent - as I only get half the loan this year! I'm not quite there yet but I'm itching to get into industry... so I've cut down to weekends so that I can begin placements!
So last week I went for two interviews and landed myself 3 placements! The first interview was with Walker Books, the children books publishers behind the epic Where's Wally, and a childhood favourite of mine We're going on a Bear Hunt. The company appealed to me because they take more risks with kids books than any other publisher and they were looking for someone that likes interactive books - which i do!

The placement is for a month in January and I will be part of their Picture Book team! I am very excited as Book Publishing is something I am very interested in, and I imagine it will be a very good thing to have knowledge of in my career.

Note to self: Must learn how to use InDesign for this placement! Hello Youtube...

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